The MistTerminator (MT) is a modular filtration system that captures oil smoke/mist. For handling oil mist you shall choose the MT-41. If you need to handle both oil mists and oil smoke you require MT-42 that is equipped with additional HEPA filter. All MT filter units and filter banks are modular and can be tailored to your needs.

Processes and applications
• Cutting, boring, drilling, honing using various metalworking equipment and CNC machine tools
• Cold pressing and stamping operations
• Hardening and wet grinding of metal

Do not use the MT-31/MT-32 and MT-41/MT-42 for the following applications or in the following circumstances:
• Aluminium laser cutting
• Arc-air gouging
• Paint mist
• Extraction of hot gases (more than 45°C/113°F continuously)


  • Intended for 2-3 work shift, intensive mode
  • Suitable for processes involving contamination of coolant in the form of a thick sludge of metallic particles and burnt oil
  • Handles combined wet and dry metal processing
  • Not suitable for oils with a flash point below 150 °C (300°F)
  • Maximum initial oil concentration is 30 — 40 mg/m3
  • Filters have pressure indicator showing clogging level
  • Prepared for direct mounting of the fan on the filter
  • New mechanism for quick filter replacement during scheduled maintenance
  • Two input sockets for easy alternative duct installation
art. 5296
art. 5299
Airflow, m3/hour, max2,0002,000
Pressure loss (for calculation purposes), Pa1,3001,500
Weight, kg104138
Filtration class: DIN EN 779(F9)/ DIN EN 1822 (Н13); ASHRAE 52.2(MERV15/MERV16) F9/MERV15H13/MERV16
Negative pressure (max.), Pa4,000
Oil receiver capacity (makes part of the delivery package), l8
Inlet diameter, mm2x250 (1 inlet connection piece and 1 plug in the package)
Diameter of connecting flange sFF-DUCT/250 airduct (to be ordered additionally), mm250
sFF-FAN-B connecting flange (for VMA-3000-4700 fans)250
Maximum pressure drop on the filtering element, at which it should be replaced (control over the pressure drop is realized by readings of the differential manometer in built into the door of every filtration stage), Pa
BFMT-31 Bag filter (for MT-31, MT-32)500
OC-1 Filter catridge, 1st stage. Self-draining (for MT-41, MT-42)500
OC-2 Filter catridge, 2st stage. Self-draining (for MT-41, MT-42)800
HFMT-3. HEPA filter (for MT-32, MT-42)800
Capacity and amount of OilContainer oil receivers (makes part of the delivery package)8 l /1 piece
  • Filter body, preassembled with all filter elements and pre-filters
  • 250 mm inlet nipple (on the inlet module)
  • 250 mm cover (on the inlet module)
  • 250 mm outlet for direct installation of the fan (on the top cover of the filter)



  • Extraction fan
  • Pressure adapter for the fan connection to round section duct line
  • Silencer
  • Fan starter
  • Connection flange
  • Outlet nipple for connection to the extraction fan


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