SovPlym Company provides complete range of services and maintenance procedures.

1. Engineering

With its own project design department SovPlym is able to plan and develop proper technical extraction and ventilation solutions for wide range of industrial applications. SovPlym offers complete “turn-key” project solutions that include all necessary project documentation, certificates and installations recommendations. Project designers and technical specialists are always ready to visit your production site for free inspection and evaluation of extraction solution required.

For project designers that are going to use SovPlym equipment in their projects SovPlym is ready to supply all technical information and specifications required, to help in selection of right kind of equipment and to consider development of special customized products if necessary.

SovPlym technical specialist on regular basis organize educational and promotional meetings for partners and potential customers to present new kinds of technical solutions and products. Check for such events nearby or feel free to ask for one from your local SovPlym distributor.

2. Installation

SovPlym Installation Department is ready to perform all kinds of installation works for SovPlym equipment and ventilation solutions.

If a customer has its own installers SovPlym is ready to offer installation supervizion services to ensure that installation of SovPlym equipment is made correctly and all necessary procedures were performed.

For all types of equipment sold SovPlym is providing full installation and technical support with detailed installation guides, user’s guides and consultations of own installers. Check the list of available installation services with your local SovPlym distributor.

3. Spare parts and consumables

SovPlym has full range of spare parts and consumables for its products available in stock. Selection of filter cartridges made of specialized materials allows to equip SovPlym filter units with cartridges suitable for different types applications.

Use only genuine parts and consumables for replacement.

Please keep in mind that local distributors might require some additional time to deliver parts and consumables from central stock.

4. Repair and maintenance

SovPlym with its own Service department offers full range of repair and maintenance services.

Range of services includes on-site inspections, technical consultations, guarantee repairs,  maintenance procedures, spare parts and filter elements change.

Check the list of repair and maintenance services available and offered by your local SovPlym distributor.

1. Engineering

Planning and development of industrial ventilation solutions. Technical consultations and support for project designers. Educational and promotional meetings and seminars.

2. Installation

"Turn-key" installations of SovPlym equipment. Supervizion of instalations. Consultation and technical support for installers.

3. Spare parts and consumables

Full range of original spare parts and consumables in stock. Wide selection of specialized spare filter materials.

4. Repair and maintenance

On-site inspections. Regular service and maintenance support. Guarantee repairs. Troubleshooting.
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