Mobile rolling unit sUVP is intended for removal of exhaust gases directly from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle with running engine.

Gas intake nozzle has a slot to enter gas analyzer into the exhaust pipe when conducting tests of exhaust gases.

Device is used in garages and technical maintenance workshops for various vehicles, which are not equipped with stationary exhaust gas removal system.


– Unit can be used in any vehicle servicing companies, which are not equipped with vehicle exhaust gas removal system;
– Economical solution for removal of exhaust gases;
– Due to its mobility, sUVP can be easily moved from one work place to another, allowing saving money on equipping several workshop with several stationary units;
– Unit is equipped with plastic gas intake nozzle, preventing scratching of car painting;
– Gas intake nozzle has special opening for entering gas analyzer for exhaust gases;
– Unit is equipped with fan in plastic casing (220 V) with low noise level;
– For the convenient operation, when using and storing sUVP, the hose can be placed on a frame around the fan.

Марка вентилятораF-1100
Мощность двигателя0,37 кВт
Производительность, не менее900 м3/час
Размеры входного сечения воронки220х220мм
Высота оси воронки над уровнем пола200-600мм
Габаритные размеры65-х1200х750мм
Масса (без выхлопного шланга)25кг
Диаметры шлангов125мм
Термостойкость шлангов150 °С

sUVP (pic.1) consists of radial fan in plastic body (1), installed on the two-coaster frame (3).

Plastic gas-intake nozzle (2) is connected with the fan by thermal resistant hose. Height of inlet nozzle installation is adjusted on the vertical rod, as well as incline angle of the nozzle.

Exhaust gasses from the fan are removed out of the premises with the hose (4), length of which shouldn’t exceed 10m. Fan motor power supply comes from single phase AC current mains with grounding (delivery set includes 5m long cable with plug). It is recommended to use durable thermal resistant hose (with override protection) of Hose-SP150 model as a gas removal hose (4) with diameter of 125mm, fixed on the outlet socket of the fan with hose clamp.

Hose and clamp are not included in the delivery set (to be ordered separately).

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