MDV is multipurpose unibody industrial filters with vertical cartridge and automatic cleaning.

Areas of use
• welding
• thermal cutting of metals (plasma, laser, gas)
• shot blasting and sandblasting
• dry cutting, metal strip cutting, grinding of metals
• processing of plastics and composite materials
• work with bulk materials
• other processes with the release of dry, non-sticking and non-explosive dust

The cleaned air stream must not be explosive, contain aggressive gases and vapors, as well as dust particles, prone to smoldering and spontaneous combustion.

We will advise you and select the equipment for your tasks.

Filtration area:
80 - 360 m2
Airflow rate:
3500 - 30 000 m3/h


  • Vertical arrangement of filter cartridges, oversized (L = 1200 mm) and area (S = 20 m²);
  • A special sinusoidal profile of the corrugations of the filter cartridge, increasing the efficiency of shaking dust;
  • The system of pressing and fixing cartridges, allowing them to be replaced quickly without a special tool;
  • Four types of cartridge filter materials for effective application, taking into account the specifics of various technological processes;
  • Built-in fan in a sound-absorbing case;
  • The removable design of the noise-attenuating fan casing simplifies transportation (for models with a fan);
  • Control panel with ΔP function, which starts the cartridge cleaning system at the set differential pressure;
  • Controller with a text display for visual observation of the current pressure drop;
  • A retractable dust collector on wheels with a capacity of 120 l equipped with a manual preload mechanism that provides quick and tight connection of the dust collector to the filter;
  • Built-in metal screen-chipper behind the inlet pipe;
  • The presence of additional inlet and outlet connecting pipes of several diameters, with direct and lateral connection, for connection to the ventilation network;
  • Possibility to install an additional screen pre-filter
  • MDV-4 allows you to save space in the working area, as it has a minimum housing size of 1100×1106 mm (dimensions without remote control and desiccant separator);
  • The vertical arrangement of retractable cartridges with a special insert with a divider provides high efficiency for shaking dust with compressed air;
  • Replacement and maintenance of cartridges is maximally simplified thanks to the original clamping system (allows you to quickly, without preparation and without special tools to push them along the guides of the clamping mechanism);
  • The insert divider is easily rearranged into a new cartridge;
  • Four types of filtering materials for cartridges allow you to take into account the specifics of various technological processes, and thereby extend their service life, increase cleaning efficiency, reduce the cost of the filter and costs for planned replacement of cartridges in the future;
  • Models without a fan have a monoblock design and are delivered fully assembled, which simplifies as much as possible and also reduces the cost of both transportation and installation;
  • The height of the units without a fan allows them to fit in standard trucks and railway containers;
  • For convenience, there are two ways to move and load filters: using a crane or a forklift;
  • The units are equipped with a withdrawable dust collector with a large capacity of 120 l with a convenient and reliable manual preload mechanism without the use of compressed air;
  • Models with a built-in fan are shipped in two units, which are easily and quickly docked in place without the help of specialists from SovPlym;
  • The built-in fan is completely closed by a noise-attenuating casing and ensures the release of purified air upward, which eliminates dust blowing off surfaces and floors, as well as the formation of drafts in the working area;
  • The new control panel has a ΔP function, which starts the cartridge cleaning system at a preset differential pressure, reduces the consumption of compressed air and increases the life of the cartridges;
  • The control panel is equipped with a display that displays a text menu of settings in commissioning modes, as well as the state of contamination of the cartridges (current pressure drop in Pa) in the operating mode;
  • The system of automatic shaking of filter cartridges works when the fan is on, and after it is stopped, the final cleaning cycle is performed, ensuring their constant minimum resistance and long service life;
  • Filter models with a built-in fan are equipped with a metal cabinet in which a control panel with a controller is installed, as well as a starter with a thermal relay. The light and sound alarm of critical contamination of the filter elements, together with other controls, is placed on the cabinet door;
  • Filter models without a built-in fan are equipped with a control panel, which is a controller installed in an IP54 plastic box with a transparent cover.
  • As standard, all filter models have two remote controls/control panel locations (left or right relative to the service door);
  • The built-in metal baffle screen evenly distributes the dust flow inside the filter and protects the cartridges from direct ingress of large particles and foreign objects;
  • Inlet and outlet connecting pipes have three standard diameters and are made in two versions: for direct connection of air ducts, as well as for lateral, at an angle of 90º, which ensures maximum convenience and ease of installation.
  • The ability to install pre-filters allows you to further protect the MDV units from large particles of dust and foreign objects, as well as reduce the likelihood of sparks, incandescent particles, and scale.
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