DCA-S filters are mechanical stationary filters with replaceable accumulative type cassettes. A feature of these units is their modularity, which allows you to choose both the number of filtration stages (additional units with HEPA filters and carbon filters) and performance (by combining modules).

DCA-S are intended for use in ventilation systems in various industries, repair shops, and educational institutions.

Single filters DCA-S-XX consist of one vertical chamber mounted on base inlet chamber with two side inlets Ø250 mm (one with a connecting flange, one with a plug) and height-adjustable supports. The design of single filters provides for the installation of an exhaust fan either directly on the top cover (to the standard adapter for connecting a Ø250 fan, model FF-FAN-B), or separately from the filter (via an adapter for connecting a Ø250 air duct, model FF-DUCT/250, ordered separately ).

Modular filters DCA-S-XX/X consist of two or three vertical chamber blocks mounted on a common base, which is a load-bearing base inlet chamber with two side inlets Ø500 mm (one with a connecting flange, the other with a plug) and adjustable in height supports. The fan is mounted separately from the filter and is connected to it through the ME-OUTLET/XX outlet, corresponding to the configuration, using an air duct. The outlet model ME-OUTLET/XX can be selected and ordered separately.

Industries and applications
• Soldering
• Tinning
• laser engraving and marking
• contact welding
• other similar types of smoke

• Works only with dry dust
• Not suitable for explosive or combustible substances
• Not suitable for materials that tend to smolder or self-ignite
• Not suitable for high concentration dust

We will advise you and select the equipment for your tasks.


• Modular design allowing you to select a filter with a wide range of airflow capacities from 2500 to 12500 m3/h
• Differential pressure gauges at each cleaning stage
• Easy assembly and installation
• Simple change of filter cassettes
• low cost of replaceable filter cassettes
• High filtration efficiency
• Effective air cleaning system
• Compatible with different types of filter media. The client can select the required configuration of cleaning stages, depending on the processes.

• Stainless steel mesh prefilter (washable);
• Main filter (filter class F9);
• HEPA ultrafine filter (filter class H13);
• Activated carbon filter (filter class F8).
Increased service life of replaceable filters due to increased filter surface area;

• The first stage of filtration separates the largest dust particles. This occurs in the receiving chamber due to the expansion of the flow and a decrease in its speed.
• Then the remaining large and medium particles are retained in the ME-INL/PF pre-filter (filtration class G3).
• Small particles up to 0.2 microns in size are captured by the main fine filter MK-004 (filtration class F9).
• The remaining smallest particles are captured by the HEPA filter (filtration class H13). Models with a HEPA filter are recommended for use in cases where the purified air will be returned to the room.
• Further, toxic gas components and odors emitted, for example, during soldering processes and similar operations, accompanied by strong heating of various substances, are captured by the CF-003 activated carbon filter, which is always installed as the final stage of purification.

To control the condition of the filter elements and their timely replacement, differential pressure gauges are installed on the door of each chamber.

L x W x H, mm
27614DCA-S-31250013004000680 x 726 x 109088
27615DCA-S-31/25000130040001390 х 726 х 1360195
27616DCA-S-31/37500130040002085 х 726 х 1360278
27617DCA-S-32250015004000680 x 726 x 1490134
27618DCA-S-32/25000150040001390 х 726 х 1755271
27619DCA-S-32/37500150040002085 х 726 х 1755392
27620DCA-S-41250013004000680 x 726 x 1490134
27621DCA-S-41/25000130040001390 х 726 х 1755271
27622DCA-S-41/37500130040002085 х 726 х 1755392
27623DCA-S-42250018004000680 x 726 x 1890175
27624DCA-S-42/25000180040001390 х 726 х 2150353
27625DCA-S-42/37500180040002085 х 726 х 2150515

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