Control box (main) for filters with automatic cartridge cleaning system by compressed air.

Control box CONT-M is supplied with new controller KF-3. Its main difference from KF-1, used in CONT/SP series control boxes, is the integrated electronic differential manometer, which allows to fulfill the P function (automatic activation of the cleaning system upon estimated pressure drop). Same way, cartridge clogging level is shown in Pa on digital display of the controller.

Controller has two “dry contact” type outputs for fulfilling of remote control over:

– occurrence of the controller’s or electromagnetic valve of the cleaning system breakdown (alarm)
– reaching of critical pressure drop over cartridges (for timely replacement)

Controller has following contacts:

– for remote activation of forced cartridge cleaning;
– for activation of the cleaning process after switching off the fan.

Number of controlled outputs – 12
Number of connected valves (cartridges) – up to 24
Power supply voltage: 220V, 50Hz

In case when more than 24 valves (cartridges) should be connected, required number of additional control boxes CONT-S (secondary) should be ordered.


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