Straight rail system ARSR is intended for installation at long garages of fire, emergency, military depos. This system allows to remove exhaust gases from the exhaust pipe, providing free movement of the vehicle inside the premises. Such system is used when vehicles are parked in the garage in a column, and is mandatory supplied with automatic system for disconnection of air-intake nozzle (pneumatic grabber) from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle when leaving the garage for emergency call.

Maximum number of vehicles in one column – 2 pcs, while total length of the column should not exceed 30m. Exhaust pipe should be positioned on the side or in the bottom back part of the vehicle.


– Possibility of servicing 2 vehicles with one extraction system.
– System provides automatic disconnection of the nozzle from exhaust pipe when vehicle is leaving the garage.
– System is equipped with fast acting automatics, switching on the fan at the moment of engine startup (reacts to the change of pressure in the system) and switching it off after vehicles leaves the garage with adjustable delay. Thus, system works totally autonomously, not requiring human attention and distraction of staff members.
– Pneumatic gas intake nozzle creates closed system, completely preventing leakage of exhaust gases into the premises. Nozzle is connected to the exhaust pipe of parked vehicle and system is constantly ready for work (stays in stand-by mode).
– Removal of exhaust gases during movement of the vehicle inside the garage.
– Simple and cheap installation, durability and low operational cost.
– Full correspondence to labor protection rules for fire fighting departments.
– Prevention of professional diseases, related to presence of harmful gases in working premises.

System is supplied in 8 types of standard sets of ARSR system with length of rail-duct from 9 to 30 meters. Delivery scope includes all required components for assembly and installation. The set of rail system is intended for servicing of 1 vehicle. In order to service two vehicles, following components must be ordered additionally:
– pneumatic hose holder ARSR-MZ
– spiral pneumatic hose for supply of compressed air to pneumatic nozzle (length 15 or 30m, depending on the system length) CA-15 or CA-30.

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