Torsion, Metalworks (Kolpino, Leningradskaya obl., Russia)

Fume emissions from plasma cutting processes.
Customer had a problem with large fume emissions generated during the plasma cutting process. Existing panel for thermal cutting was made by customer and without any type of filtration equipment. Fumes and emissions spread across the premises causing limited visibility and danger for health of the workers.

Modular Clean Cut Table
To solve the customer’s problem we replaced the old cutting panel with our new modular Clean Cut Table designed for emission extraction. Modular structure of the table allowed ideally fitting into the existing work area. Space for installation of DCSC-S filter was very narrow; however, the installation was easily made by using vertically oriented filtration module. Since customer was concerned about lifetime of filter cartridges, an additional CPO cyclone was installed to separate heavy coarse dust particles and to protect the filters from them. Filtration solution by SovPlym provided safe and clean working environment as well as possibility to return the clean warm air back into the premises, therefore significantly reducing energy consumption for heating especially during winter time.

Installation and system design
SovPlym offered a complete solution for the problem: existing table made by customer was replaced by modern modular CCT extraction table, with special built-in suction cells and air ducts for extracted air. To separate the heavy particles of emissions and to increase lifetime of the filter cartridge, the CPO cyclone was installed as pre-filter. Self-cleaning DCSC-S filter unit with energy efficient TEF fan was installed as main filter, ensuring 99,9% filtration efficiency and reduced energy consumption. DCSC-S filter is equipped with T12 (Teflon) filter cartridges that are specially designed for intense workload on a heavy applications.

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