Results of the Environmental Forum in Uzbekistan

On August 11 Tashkent hosted an international summit “Results of synergistic effect in solving environmental problems of the Republic of Uzbekistan: government, public organizations and business”.

The event was organized with the support of Uzbek-Russian and Russian-Uzbek Business Councils.

Representatives of state and business entities visited the summit: State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Ecology and Environmental Protection, Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research, Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, JSC “Sredaztsvetmetenergo”, JSC “Almalyk MMC” , JSC “NMMC”, JSC “O’ZLITINEFTGAZ”, SUE “Uzshaharsozlik LITI”, JSC “Uzmetkombinat”, JSC “BOSHTRANSLOYIKHA”, LLC “WELKIN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS”, LLC “FEDERAL GROUP” and many others.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan A. Ikramov made a welcoming speech. He stressed the need to hold such events to ensure a stable development and improve the environmental situation in the Republic.

Фёдор Дегтярёв на экосаммите в Узбекистане
The Chairman of the Russian-Uzbek Business Council Fyodor Degtyarev

In turn, the chairman of the Russian-Uzbek Business Council Fyodor Degtyarev pointed at rapid transformation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and benefits of sharing experiences:

«In recent years, major revolutionary changes have been taking place in Uzbekistan. Changes and liberalization of international relations suggest great attention is paid to the republic. I would like to note that thanks to the intensive work of the heads of Russian and Uzbek states, the turnover between the countries has grown significantly. This means that the government pays great attention to supporting business. Meetings like this help us learn from each other.»

Экологический форум в Узбекистане
The participants of ECOFORUM

The participants unanimously agreed that the implementation of long-term plans for environmental protection and creation of safe conditions in enterprises require usage of modern technological processes, as well as investments in the scientific research of environmentally friendly technologies, industries, types of raw materials, products and equipment.

The Russian manufacturer of filtering and ventilation equipment JSC SovPlym was considered as a partner, capable of helping in the implementation of the state program to improve the level of labor conditions and safety.

Executive Director of JSC SovPlym Alexander Anishenkov addressed the participants of the environmental summit:

«Only collectively we can solve current and future tasks in the most effective way. We hope that the long-term and successful experience of our company in solving environmental problems will be useful and will make a tangible contribution to the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its enterprises.»

Following the business meeting, the further cooperation between the Uzbek-Russian and Russian-Uzbek Business Councils was agreed upon, and Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan and JSC SovPlym as well. A roadmap to improve the environmental situation in the republic by reducing air emissions and creating safe working conditions in manufacturing will be results of this cooperation.

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