The MistTerminator (MT) is a modular filtration system that captures oil smoke/mist. For handling oil mist you shall choose the MT-41. If you need to handle both oil mists and oil smoke you require MT-42 that is equipped with additional HEPA filter. All MT filter units and filter banks are modular and can be tailored to your needs.

MT 41/42

  • – Metal works (cutting, drilling, honing)
  • – CNC machines operations
  • – Cold pressing and stamping operations
  • – Hardening and wet grinding of metal
  • – Intended for 1 – 2 work shift, light mode (processing parts at low and medium speed)
  • – Suitable for processes involving contamination of coolant in the form of a thick sludge of metallic particles and burnt oil
  • – Handles combined wet and dry metal processing
  • – Not suitable for oils with a flash point below 150 °C (300°F)
  • – Maximum initial oil concentration is 30 — 40 mg/m3
  • – Filters have pressure indicator showing clogging level
  • – Prepared for direct mounting of the fan on the filter
  • – New mechanism for quick filter replacement during scheduled maintenance
  • – Two input sockets for easy alternative duct installation

Do not use the MT-41/MT-42 for the following applications or in the following circumstances:

  • – Aluminium laser cutting
  • – Arc-air gouging
  • – Paint mist
  • – Extraction of hot gases (more than 45°C/113°F continuously)


  • – Filter body, preassembled with all filter elements and pre-filters
  • – 250 mm inlet nipple (on the inlet module)
  • – 250 mm cover (on the inlet module)
  • – 250 mm outlet for direct installation of the fan (on the top cover of the filter)



  • – Extraction fan
  • – Pressure adapter for the fan connection to round section duct line
  • – Silencer
  • – Fan starter
  • – Connection flange
  • – Outlet nipple for connection to the extraction fan

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