DCSC-M-2-K is a versatile mobile filter unit designed for extraction of dust and fumes from a temporary or mobile workstations. Capacity of the unit is enough for two extracion arms.

DCSC-M-2-K is equipped with filter cleaning system of high efficiency that allow cleaning filter cartridge of the unit without interruption of working process. Built-in air compressor makes DCSC-M-2-K fully independent from external air supply, additional reduction box or moisture separator are not required.

DCSC-M-2-K unit is suitable for continuous indoor operation under the following environmental conditions: ambient temperature from +10° to +45°С and relative humidity of 80% at 25°С.


  • – Welding fumes
  • – Light dry dust applications
  • – Smells and welding gazes (with carbon filter)
  • – Built-in filter cleaning system
  • – Vertical positioning of filter cartridge
  • – Built-in compressor
  • – Big and reliable castors
  • – Can be used with different types of filter cartridges
  • – Extraction arms of different lengths are available

DCSC-M-2-K is not suitable for extraction of dust generated by sand-paper and other paper-based abrasives grinding or polishing applications. Unit is not suitable for operation in the presence of dust or aerosols of explosive substances or aggressive vapors and gazes.


  • – Built-in fan
  • – Spark arrester
  • – Power cable with plug
  • – Control panel
  • – Filter cartridge
  • – Built-in air compressor

NOT INCLUDED in the delivery set, ORDER SEPARATELY: extraction arm/arms.


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